Exhibit Project-based Fittings 4

Slide-turn louvre, manually operated

Application range:

  • Ventilation flap in offices / public buildings


  • Concealed sliding rail and sliding carriage
  • Version can be used right / left
  • Gearbox with window handle  
  • Bar handle can be optionally used for fall protection when sash width >350mm   
  • Central locking on hinge side 
  • Locking elements taken from the Tilt & Turn product range

Technical specifications :

Sash width: 250 until 500mm
Sash height: 500 until 3.500mm
Sash weight: 500 until 3.500mm


Adjustment range:

Lateral adjustment:  ±2 mm
Height adjustment: ±3 mm
Compression adjustment:  ±1 mm (Locking pin)


Product benefits:

  • Concealed components - aesthetic design
  • Depending on the basic depths of the profile series, fall protection up to 350 mm sash widths
  • Suitable for high wind loads (window sash is pressed inwards)
  • Cost-effective ventiliation option compared to PAF systems
  • Easy assembly