Hardware from the heart of the “Schlüsselregion” industry association

Nowhere to be seen yet everywhere...

... whether standard or special requirements. WSS develops and produces not only fittings for doors and windows such as self-locking panic locks, aluminium hinges, 180° opening and concealed turn-tilt fittings or all-glass door fittings. It also meets architectural specifications for modern building functionality and optics with solutions for the façade.

In addition, WSS fittings solutions that have to meet specific requirements can be found on drilling platforms, ships and in rail vehicles.

WSS is the right partner for metal builders, planners, architects and clients when it comes to applications for fittings technology, the greater the need for reliable, safe and sophisticated technology, the more important is your dialogue with the WSS Team.

WSS develops system solutions for and together with decision makers relating to all manner of technical building equipment.

The expectation of the WSS Team is to provide added value to our WSS customers and partners.
WSS - your partner on the road to the best solutions.