Production at WSS means ...

... value added with state-of-the-art technology

WSS has set the bar high for product quality. The required influencing factors provide for production across an area of almost 20,000 m², and, with a considerable vertical range of manufacturing, equipment that is state of the art and comprehensive, in addition to a team that is committed to ensuring this standard of quality and the ongoing improvement process.  All relevant processes in metal processing are illustrated in the value chain. Within an industrial environment of specialised providers of individual process steps, regular comparisons provide good benchmarking for further in-house developments and investment in machinery.

A production layout, designed throughout with quality and efficiency in mind, allows for a transparent, uni-directional production flow and simple, internal logistics. The product portfolio range and the many different batch sizes in production and in the various production phases are reflected in the amount of data that are processed for production control with a modern ERP system.

Experienced, long-term employees use their knowledge and skills to carry out the tasks and meet the demands placed on the products. The aim of employee training and team building is to achieve a high level of operational flexibility and personal responsibility at every point of the process.

With our own tool engineering department and a team of tool designers, we have the capacity and structures that allow us to use tool-bound forming technology, for which a large number of presses with a press force of 300 kN are used, independently of third-party resources and expertise, and to continuously exploit opportunities for new products and improvement. The same applies to the design and manufacture of specific devices that are used in the various, state-of-the-art five-axis machining centres for machining pre-product processing.

The tool-bound forming technology and machining processing supplement a number of combined laser-cutting machines and punching presses, which, together with various special machines, robot-assisted welding work stations and equipment for surface treatment, comprise prefabrication at WSS Production. 

Experienced employees in Assembly combine the prefabricated products with purchased components, the production of which is subject to other machine or process specifications, to create the WSS products, which are then checked to ensure their proper functioning and compliance with specifications. The work stations in Assembly are set up in such a way that they follow the standards developed in-house, which at the same time meet the requirements in terms of ergonomics, productivity and flexibility.

The logistics centre marks the conclusion of production and the transition to the dispatch of the products. The centrepiece here is a modern, fully automated high-bay warehouse with system-integrated order picking work stations. Customer orders and warehouse orders are processed within the order picking process with system support and are tracked.