Exhibit Project-based Fittings 2

Parallel push out window, manual operation

Single-leaf, outwards opening

Application range:

  • Ventilation windows in offices (outwards opening)
  • Oversized window heights and widths
  • Manual or motorized operation possible
  • high security level in terms of burglary protection without RC locking elements


  • PAF 120 kg with one-hand operation, handle positioned horizontally at the bottom
  • PAF-tandem scissors PY-PX (2 pcs)
  • PAF- scissor for lateral stabilization (2 pcs)
  • Opening width 160 mm, lockable via window handle

Technical specifications:

Sash width: 800 until 1.600 mm
Sash height: 1.200 until 3.400 mm (3 scissor sizes)
Sash weight: PAF scissor TD-PY-PX, max. 150 kg (manual operation)
PAF scissor TD-PY-PY max. 250 kg (motorized operation recommended)
Space requirements: Rebate space: 17 mm / rebate depth: 23 mm


Adjustment range:

Height adjustment: ±3 mm
Parallel adjustment: ±20 mm
Compression adjustment: ±1 mm (Locking pin)


Product benefits:

  • No operating errors due to well-defined operating tracks and simple handling
  • one-handed operation also for oversized window elements possible
  • Large ventilation cross-section even with small opening widths
  • Basic burglary resistance via PY and PX scissors
  • Also suitable for narrow profile views (standard profiles)
  • Free choice of scissor configuration: single scissor (motorized operation), tandem (PY/PY – PY/PX – PX/PX) or tridem (3xPY – oder 2PY/1PX )
  • Smooth handling of very heavy weights even when operated manually
  • Can also be used in top-hung window profiles

Der Platzbedarf für PAF-Scheren wurde Ende der 90er Jahre von der Fa. Securistyle vorgegeben. Aufgrund des großen Platzbedarfs sind für PAF-Fenster Sonderprofile erforderlich.

WSS hat den derzeit kleinsten Platzbedarf für PAF-Scheren. Dies ermöglicht den Einsatz standardisierter Senkklapp-Profilen auch für PAF-Elemente zu realisieren.

Product overview PAF modular system

Technical specifications:

  • 2 sizes available
  • Opening width can be set in 6 positions using a limit stop. OW = 175mm to approx. 220mm
  • Load capacity up to 60 kg per set of two
  • SH min. 550mm (with height adjustment 600mm)
  • PY-scissors: can be used left / right, vertical installation
  • PX-scissors: left and right version, vertical and horizontal installation


PAF coupling point

Technical specifications:

left / right usable - screwable

3 sizes:

  • Size 1 = SH 1.600mm – 2.200mm
  • Size 2 = SH 2.200mm – 2.800mm
  • Size 3 = SH 2.800mm – 3.400mm

applicable for PY and PX-scissors

Adjustment of parallelism ± 20mm (Torx 25)

Technical specifications:

  • applicable for countersunk & PAF scissors
  • Adjustment range ± 3mm / fine adjustment via grub screw with Torx
  • Setting visible via vernier scale
  • with central fixation
  • screwable
  • Load transfer via support pin Ø10mm

New PAF modular system