Sales and distribution at WSS

Customer proximity and technical advice

Customer proximity and technical advice skills have top priority both with our field sales team and our in-house sales team. WSS supports metal and façade builders with its own sales activities both at home and abroad. These builders are primarily medium-sized companies and processors of steel and aluminium profiles that produce door, window and façade systems on the basis of relevant specifications and install them in the building envelope.

Overall, WSS covers the wide range of products that is typical for the lock and fittings sector by purchasing many products from national and international providers, some of whom are competitors but many who are partners and customers too.

WSS is therefore both a renowned manufacturer in the lock and fittings industry and an established dealer who, with its comprehensive range of products, reflects the diverse needs of metal builders. At the same time, WSS is a design and development partner for major profile manufacturers and system providers of buildings that require very specific special solutions for their façade, window and door areas due to application-specific factors and architectural specifications.

WSS designs suitable components and tests their suitability in advance for such building solutions.