Opening restrictors

The new generation of WSS opening restrictors can be used for concealed and visible hinge sides. The opening limiter is equipped with a freely positionable, adjustable end position detent. This allows various opening widths to be realised and the sash to be held in the open position.
All parts of the opening restrictor are made of rustproof materials and therefore wear and maintenance-free.

The right/left usability of the fitting parts allows for cost-effective storage. Due to clampable components the assembly is fast and efficient.

Our variations

Opening restrictor, lockable

  • Serves two functions at once - the ventilation and the controlled opening position
  • Opening widths from 89 to 140 mm
  • The sash can be opened into the cleaning position by key operation
  • Available with adjustable brake as an option

Handle-operated hold-open restrictor

  • Continuous opening position up to 90°
  • Sashes from 650 to 1,700 mm sash width
  • One-hand operation via the window handle
  • Continuously adjustable
  • Prevents independent movement of the sash
  • Frame part screwable or clampable, sash part clampable (punched screws)
  • Locking limiter detachable

Handle-operated latch lock limiter

  • Defined ventilation position - key authorized opening
  • Operation via tilt before turn window handle
  • Maintenance-free

Magnetic hold-open limiter

  • Adjustable and magnetically secured opening position
  • Individually adjustable - prevents independent movement of the sash
  • Can be used for both turn and turn/tilt sashes
  • Possibility of tamper-proof installation (concealed screws)