Exhibit Project-based Fittings 3

Turn fitting, motorized operation (dual-motor)

Application range:

  • Office buildings / industrial buildings / public buildings as ventilation sashes
  • inaccessible installation situations (motorized opening)
  • Ventilation with integrated fall protection


  • Turn fitting motorized operation
  • visible hinge side (concealed hinge side on request)
  • one concealed motorized drive as locking and turning drive  
  • active locking on hinge side

Technical specifications:

Sash width: 180 until 500 mm
Sash height: until 2.600 mm leaf hight  (FH>2.600mm auf Anfrage)
Sash weight: abhängig von Bandseite bis 90 kg (≥90kg auf Anfrage)
Space requirements: opening angle max. 90°mm


Adjustment range:

Turn hinge: ±2 mm lateral adjustment (abhängig von Bandauswahl)
Corner bearing: ±1 mm lateral adjustment
Corner hinge: +1,5 mm /-1 mm height adjustment
Locking pin: ±1 mm compression adjustment


Product benefits:

  • either motorized or manual operation
  • Motorised drive with only one concealed motor (rotary and locking position)
  • Suitable for high wind loads (window sash is pressed inwards)
  • Fall-proof design depending on window width
  • high burglary protection RC2/RC3
  • concealed hinge side possible
  • Insensitive to bimetallic effect
  • active locking on hinge side