Door and gate stay

We offer doorstops with step stop, with catch hook and end stop and with magnets as well as door and gate buffers for all door weights. Due to this variety, we cover the demand for doorstops for different door weights.

Advantages of step stops:

  • Suitable for doors with medium weight
  • Fastening at any opening angle
  • All models with special counter spring - for higher contact pressure of the pedal pin
  • Special versions with floor socket for slippery floors and high wind loads and therefore also suitable for higher door weights (up to 100 kg)
  • Various designs in different materials and surfaces

Advantages of catch hooks and end stops:

  • Suitable for doors with particularly high weight
  • Spring-loaded end stops protect the doors
  • Adjustable catch hooks allow exclusive use as end stops if required
  • Improving the durability of door elements

Advantages of magnets:

  • Operation by simply pressing and pulling the door from the hold-open
  • Minimal force required
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Spring-mounted magnets to protect the doors
  • Stick-on counter plates also allow the use on glass doors
  • Barrier-free safety and comfort

Advantages of door and gate buffers:

  • Damping of the stop
  • Maximum damage protection of the door elements
  • Efficient noise protection - especially in the construction sector
  • Various surfaces and shapes
  • Protection of the door hinges
  • Improving the durability of door elements