WSS training programme

Practical expertise from experts

Are you dissatisfied with the training success? Many trainings with a lot of theory have not helped you and your team? WSS-employees impart the information and experience on topics relevant for your team and you in a practical way. WSS can support you to benefit from this information and experience in your daily work, to further increase your efficiency and competitiveness and to use the training time more effectively. The WSS training team knows the challenges you face in your daily work and designs the training contents competently and practice-oriented with the experience of the daily work.

Topics of an extensive program with trainings and expert seminars are regularly used by WSS partners as an occasion for in-house events or WSS visits in Heiligenhaus.

Prototype fittings and assembly training

You would like to get to know the WSS products better and are interested in prototype fittings or assembly training for e.g. turn-tilt fittings or the new lock Series 200?

Write an e-mail with your specific training requirements to

Installation, commissioning and maintenance of hold-open systems

Are you interested in a seminar on the installation, commissioning and maintenance of hold-open systems of WSS marketed products from various manufacturers? Please contact the sales representative responsible for you for initial clarification.

Trainings for architects and planners

Are you an architect or planner? Then the hardware training courses specially tailored to your requirements are just the right thing. WSS employees of the architects and planners support team will inform you in detail on site about relevant standards, innovations and interesting products in the field of hardware technology. You are welcome to send an e-mail to the WSS person responsible for architectural and project consulting, Mr. Max Kreileder. He will gladly organise everything else.