Exhibit window 7

Tilt & turn fitting Style 180°, Heavy Duty 200kg with burglary protection RC2

Application range:

  • private and public buildings with high safety requirements
  • Concealed hinges for the usage in design-oriented buildings
  • Extensive window formats with high glass weights e.g. RC2; RC3


  • Concealed hinge side
  • Right and left version
  • Gearbox with WSS exclusive handle
  • Burglary protection RC2
  • Sash lifter

Technical specifications:

Sash width: 700 to 1.700 mm (+ additional scissor starting at 1.100mm )
Sash height: 520 to 3.000 mm
Sash weight: max. 200 kg


Adjustment range:

Scissor: ±2 mm lateral adjustment
Corner bearing: ±2 mm lateral adjustment
Corner hinge: +1,5 mm /-1 mm height adjustment
Locking pin: ±1 mm compression adjustment


Product benefits:

  • 180° opening angle in turning position, for 200kg without load transfer
  • Ideal ease of use through the use of the sash lifter
  • Mounting advantages and considerable time savings due to clampable RC frame parts
  • Screwable hinge side offers maximum safety
  • Screwing also possible through 3 profile wall sections
  • Hardware mounting continuously possible using only two tools
  • Hardware adjustment can be done with one single tool
  • Turn only Heavy Duty-Style usable up to 230kg, without load transfer and 180° opening angle