Turn-tilt fittings

The three WSS turn-tilt fitting systems are characterised by a multitude of applications, modular design and technical innovations.

The standard turn-tilt fitting hardware is the foundation of the new WSS hardware system for aluminium windows.  Form-fit couplings of the operating rod, eccentric pins that can be inserted from below and the flush-fitting hinge parts underline the aesthetic design of the new WSS hardware system. With one or two concealed supplementary components, the standard fitting can be upgraded to a sash weight of up to 150 kg.

With our Style 180° hardware , there is finally a turn-tilt fitting fitting with concealed hinge side and 180° opening width. The basic fitting is suitable for sash weights up to 130 kg and can be easily upgraded up to 170 kg. The unique multi-hinge for 180° opening width offers 3D adjustment through side, height and pressure adjustment.

The Heavy Duty is designed for the use of heavy and robust sash elements up to 200 kg and sash widths from 700 to 1,700 mm. All screw fastenings are concealed. By adding an extension set, simple retrofitting in to higher resistance classes up to RC3 (WK3) is easily possible.