Exhibit window 6

Standard Turn only fitting with active central locking on hinge side

Application range:

  • private and public buildings
  • Ground deep windows with fall protection without French balcony
  • adjustable hinge side with active central locking , Suitable for high wind loads, without additional central hinges


  • Adjustable visible hinge side
  • Active centre locking on both sides
  • Right and left version
  • Gearbox with WSS exclusive handle

Technical specifications:

Sash width: starting at 500 till 1.600mm
Sash height: 570 to 3.000mm
Sash weight: max. 150 kg


Adjustment range:

Turn hinge adjustment: ±2 mm lateral adjustment
Corner bearing: ±1 mm lateral adjustment 
Corner hinge: +1,5 mm /-1 mm height adjustment 
Locking pin: ±1 mm compression adjustment 


Product benfits:

  • All hardware components are clampable
  • No profile treatment necessary
  • Adjustable hinge side to allow the use of an active hinge-side centre locking device
  • Hardware mounting continuously possible using only two tools
  • Hardware adjustment can be done with one single tool
  • Can be upgraded to Heavy Duty fitting (simple exchange of hinge side) - Identical pivot points
  • Fall protection due to dual opening limiter
  • Opening width adjustable 89/100/120 mm

Dual opening restrictor according to DIN EN 13126-5 with concealed closing system (lift lock) for ground-deep windows ( pendulum class 3)


  • Dualer Öffnungsbegrenzer oben & unten
  • Öffnungsweite 100mm


  • For inward opening turn sashes (euro groove)
  • For sash weights up to 200 kg (with pairwise installation on bottom and top) and sash widths up to 1.600 mm
  • Opening range individually adjustable (89/100/120 mm) via adjustable stop with anti-slam device
  • While the handle is in the turn position the window can be opened to the preset position – after operation of the key the window can be fully opened
  • Usable lock types: self-locking or forced locking function
  • Usable handle types: lockable tilt-turn handle or gear handle lockable
  • one version for installation at the bottom (window) or top (window door)
  • One-hand operation via the window handle
  • Certified according to DIN 13126-5:2015-01 Pendulum class 3 when installed in pairs (top/bottom) up to 1,200 mm sash width - in combination with self-locking lock
  • Sash and frame parts are clampable and screwable (frame part)
  • DIN Right/left
  • All parts are made of corrosion-resistant material