Designer finishes. Flexibility. And easy assembly

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Locks and patch fittings for the highest level of security.

For doors up to a max. size of 1200 x 2800 mm, considering a max. weigth of 120 kg.

Check out the perfect function and modern design which exceed demands of constructive glazing.

WSS locks and patch fittings provide a highest level
of functionality and an attractive design.

  • standard glass preparation details
  • suitable for 8-19 mm thick glass and 15, 55 and 65 mm pivot point
  • reassuring and reliable burglary security by using
    profile cylinder for flush assembly
  • solid material
  • locks tested to more than 450.000 cycles
  • patch fittings tested to more than 1.000.000 cycles
  • easy fitting and short assembly time