Catalogue TK1 – Doors & Gates

Locks and Fittings for Doors and Gates

Components and accessories for aluminium- and steel profiles

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TK1 – Chapter 1

Locks for metal doors, panic fittings, multi-point locks, locks for massive steel doors, locks for swing gates, strike plates, electric door openers, fittings for control cabinets, profile cylinders

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TK1 – Chapter 2

Knobs for metal doors, escutcheons for metal doors, lever handles and lever handles/knobs for massive steel doors, lever handles resp. knobs for rim gates, security door fittings, special fittings

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TK1 – Chapter 3

Folding gate fittings for bottom-running sliding doors, gate fittings for top-running sliding doors, gate fittings for free-load bearing sliding doors, sliding door system
no. 150, drive systems and components

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TK1 – Chapter 4

3D aluminium hinges, 2D aluminium hinges, aluminium hinges, steel hinges, stainless steel hinges, construction hinges, weld-on hinges, gate hinges, special hinges, accessory

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TK1 – Chapter 5

Door closers, door dampers and door way limiters, door closing sequence controllers, smoke detectors and magnets, lead covers, current and contact transmitters, escape route systems, swing door operators

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TK1 – Chapter 6

Door holders, gate holders, door holders with cushioning effect, magnetic door holders, door- and gate buffers

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TK1 – Chapter 7

Cremone bolts, flush bolts, snap bolts, barrel bolts, lever handles for aperture, door seals, door steps, brush seals, finger protection

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TK1 – Chapter 8

Handles/round material, handles with brackets, handles/hollow section resp. timer, hollow section and brackets, glass clamping fittings, hand rail supports, hand rail systems, balls

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TK1 – Chapter 9

Letter boxes, bell buttons, house numbers, display cabinets, transfer hutches, sliding transfer hutches, voice hutches, transfer hutches/rotating leaf, cash trays and emergency key cabinets, spying holes

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TK1 – General Information

Code of material and surface finishes, colour samples, “helping icons”, index, old/new article numbers, distribution region and agencies, general terms of business

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